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Custom Crating and Logistics is a renowned company that offers professional shipping services in Chicago, IL. We, as a reliable shipping company, have built our reputation for flexibility, and quality of work. We are reliable and fast in all cargo shipping services. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to offer professional services through our commitment for quality.  

At Custom Crating and Logistics, we understand how important your freight cargo is to your businesses. Whether transporting your cargo by air, ocean, or land, we take every necessary precaution to keep your cargo safe and secure. Our freight transport services are the best in the business. We provide safe, secure transportation, and timely deliveries for all of our satisfied clients.

We handle air freight, cargo shipping, freight shipping or trade shows crates and road cases. We can handle everything from grand pianos, delicate lab equipment and art pieces. Size and shape are no issue for Custom Crating and Logistics. We will design a reusable crate that weathers the road. If you are outside of the Chicago, Illinois area we have a network of affiliates all over the country who will handle your cargo shipping with the same care that we would ourselves.

If you are in Illinois or the Northern Midwest, our fleet of trucks will pick up your item and bring it to us. No matter the item, Custom Crating and Logistics is prepared to keep it safe and get it where you need. We will meet any air freight and international shipping challenges with knowledge and competitive pricing. We handle freight shipping all over the world with expert care and know-how. With a location near the Chicago, O'Hare airport we are perfectly positioned for international access.

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